Handcuffs and fingerprints from a man with an outstanding warrant.

Should You Turn Yourself in on an Outstanding Warrant?

When someone has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest, they are left with the choice of waiting to be caught or turning themselves in. Courts often look positively at those who take responsibility for their actions and turn themselves in. Often the court will grant bail so you can go home while your attorney […]

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Nee Law, LLC discusses the guidelines of early termination of probation.

Can I Terminate My Probation Early?

Many people contact me to see if they can terminate their probation early.   Before 2017, there was no way to do this. In 2017, the law changed to allow for early termination, assuming that certain criteria have been met. The legislation was part of a package of bills known as the “Justice Reinvestment Legislation.” […]

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Impact of Car Accidents Effects More Than the Physical

Getting into a car accident can have many negative ramifications and can impact your life in many ways. You may suffer from physical injuries; endure property damage, ineligibility to work, and subsequently loss of wages. However one serious thing often neglected is the repercussion that car accidents can have on one’s mental health. Mental conditions […]

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The People vs. OJ Simpson

If you haven’t watched the FX series, you are seriously missing out. I know, I know, you think you don’t need to watch it because you lived through it. But the show is incredibly well done and entertaining. Here are my takeaways from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney. I did not remember that […]

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Why Car Accidents Increase Over the Holidays

According to a 2005 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, two of the four deadliest days on the road are December 23 and December 24. The six-day period that includes Christmas had 18% more auto accidents than the Thanksgiving period and 27% more than the days around New Year’s Day. Some of the […]

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Not Guilty

A couple weeks ago I heard some profound and beautiful words. Not Guilty. In fact, I heard them five times as the clerk read each of the five counts facing my client and the jury foreman responded to each one. 1st degree robbery. Not Guilty. Conspiracy to commit 1st degree robbery. Not Guilty. Felony Assault. […]

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