What to Do If You’ve Been Accused of Sexual Assault on a College Campus

Sexual assault is a very serious crime.  This has recently been brought to the forefront of our minds by cases such as that of Brock Turner, who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a fraternity house. With much attention on these serious issues, college administrators are taking any allegations of sexual assault more seriously and cracking down on perpetrators much more harshly. 

Students who have been accused of such allegations will usually believe that by sharing their side of the story, the situation will simply go away. Unfortunately, that is usually not the way it works. Instead, an investigation will likely begin. 

College/University Investigation

Schools that receive federal funding must comply with Federal laws concerning sexual assault or rape on campuses such as those under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Clery Act. These laws contain strict steps that must be taken in order to prevent, and when needed, report, instances of sexual violence among students and faculty. 

Generally, schools will impose either suspension or expulsion. Those students who have been expelled from their school because of sexual assault or rape will find it difficult to be accepted into another reputable school. 

Criminal Investigation

In addition to the serious school-imposed penalties that you will likely face, the school administration or the person making the allegation will also likely report the alleged crime to local law enforcement, who will conduct their own investigation. Should the state find that you are guilty of criminal charges, you could face high fines, lengthy prison sentences, as well as long-term consequences such as lifetime registration as a sex-offender. 

What Constitutes Sexual Assault or Rape?

There are a few different situations that constitute sexual assault. These include:

  • Using force or the threat of force to make a person have sexual contact without their consent
  • Engaging in sexual contact with an individual who is unable to provide consent due to drugs or alcohol
  • Engaging in sexual contact with someone who is incapable of consent by way of mental, intellectual, or physical disability

The most serious form of sexual assault is rape. Rape occurs when non-consensual sexual intercourse occurs. However, regardless of which degree of sexual assault you have been charged with, a conviction could result in life-long negative effects and should be taken very seriously. 

Nee Law LLC Helps Those in Rhode Island Who Have Been Charged with Sexual Assault on Their College Campus

If you have been charged with sexual assault on campus, the ramifications of a conviction (or even only the accusation) can be enormous. Not only can it yield high fines and a lengthy prison sentence, but it can also have an impact on everything from your physical and mental health to your financial stability for the rest of your life. That is why it is so important to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney. At Nee Law, we will fight to minimize or eliminate your charges. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!